The last few days here have been sunny, and almost warm. High 50s/low 60s. During my lunch break I’ve been sitting outside (in a light jacket;) to enjoy the sunshine. I didn’t realize how much I have truly MISSED warmer weather! I’m a summer girl at heart, and I can’t wait for the heat! It definitely makes me want to take a beach vacation. But since I don’t have any plans for that anytime soon, I need to bring the beach to ME. Wayfair has some great beach themed products that will bring a piece of that sunshiney beach to you! Keep reading to see my favorite picks from them.I absolutely love virgin piña coladas, so I attempted to make one at home! It was definitely a trial and error process, but I know they’ll keep getting better and better as I make them now 😉 
Ingredients include:frozen pineapple chunkscrushed icecoconut milk or coconut waterheavy whipping cream(what I wish I would have gotten also: pineapple juice)

I first blended some coconut water and frozen pineapple together

Then I added a little bit of whipping cream and crushed ice

Taste test and see if you want to add more of anything (I love a strong pineapple flavor so I added more)

And there you go! It came out a little thicker than I liked, so next time I’m definitely getting some pineapple juice so I can add it to thin it out a bit. The taste was yummy though!! Takes me right back to the beaches in Mexico…

Below are some cute beach inspired products from Wayfair that’ll bring the beach to your home! I love the top left glasses, they remind me of pineapples. And the glasses on the bottom right remind me of sparkling sand. Get me somewhere warm already!


Sometimes in life, it’s okay to be fake. Like when you want to wear fur, but get faux fur instead. Or if you want to wear leather, but you wear pleather instead. I love wearing these two things together, because they are both trends I never EVER would have worn five years ago. Oh, how the times change! Some time my intention is to wear “mickey mouse supreme” as part of a fancy dress/cosplay on a boys weekender however it fits perfectly and is legitimately a nice looking top so I will probably wear it day to day too!
The faux leather detail top from Choies looks great paired with the Turquoise Cleo Fringe Necklace from Urban Peach Boutique! Urban Peach Boutique has some way cute accessories, so make sure to stop by their cute site!

shirt: c/o Choies || fur vest: H&M || necklace: c/o Urban Peach Boutique || jeans: AE || booties: c/o Sole Society